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Widgets are placed at right sidebar of the blog. They are used to display some information such as categories, tags, etc.

You can configure which widgets to display and their order in the homepage and post page.

widget.homepage and are arrays of maps. Each map contains two keys: type and params. type is the name of the widget. params is the configuration of the widget.

Available widgets


Display a list of years with the number of posts published in each year.

You need to create a page with layout: archives previously.


  • limit: Number of years to display. Default: 10.

Display a search box.

You need to create a page with layout: search previously.


Display a list of categories available in the blog.


  • limit: number of categories to display. Default: 10


Display a table of contents of the page.


Display a tag cloud.


  • limit: number of tags to display. Default: 10

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