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Hugo has built-in support for multilingual sites. You can find more information about it in the official documentation.

Translation files are placed in the i18n directory. The file name is the language code. For example, the en.yaml file is the translation file for English.

In order to use a language, set DefaultContentLanguage to the language code in the configuration file. For example, if you want to use English, set DefaultContentLanguage to en.

Currently, the theme supports the following languages:

  • ar: Arabic
  • bn: Bengali
  • ca: Catalan
  • de: German
  • el: Greek
  • en: English
  • es: Spanish
  • fa: Persian
  • fr: French
  • hu: Hungarian
  • id: Indonesian
  • it: Italian
  • ja: Japanese
  • ko: Korean
  • nl: Dutch
  • pl: Polish
  • pt-br: Portuguese
  • ru: Russian
  • th: Thai
  • tr: Turkish
  • uk: Ukrainian
  • zh-cn: Chinese (Simplified)
  • zh-hk: Chinese (Traditional) (Hong Kong)
  • zh-tw: Chinese (Traditional) (Taiwan)


PRs for more language support are welcome 😉.

Documentation released under the MIT License, logo designed by Jimmy Cai, all rights reserved.