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Comment system is a very important part of a blog. It allows readers to express their opinions and thoughts about the post. It also allows the author to interact with the readers.

Stack currently supports the following comment systems:

Each comment system has its own configuration options placed under [Params.Comments.COMMENT_SYSTEM] section.

For example, utterances's configuration options are placed under [Params.Comments.utterances] section.


A full list of supported configuration options can be found in here

For more information about the meaning of each configuration option, please refer to the documentation of the comment system.


In case of Disqus, the only configuration option is disqusShortname, which is not available at [Params.Comments.disqus] section. Instead, it is placed at root section of configuration file.


  • Type: bool
  • Default: false

Enable / disable comment system.


  • Type: string

Comment system provider. Possible values are:

  • cactus
  • cusdis
  • disqus
  • disqusjs
  • giscus
  • gitalk
  • remark42
  • twikoo
  • utterances
  • vssue
  • waline

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